Prototyping and Testing

I began testing user flows with paper prototypes. Once I felt I had a design I liked, I built the wireframes in Axure, tested the prototype, and then revised the design.

In the first round of Studio App, artists were part of a collective and shared work with group members. The start page was a feed of the collective's work (the example collective was called "Haus").

During testing, the users first task was to look to see if anyone had left them feedback.  No users went to the Notifications button initially, and generally didn't understand the interface. Other users didn't feel their own presence. The feed was so visually stimulating, that the navigation bar became almost invisible. The next round of sketching addressed and fixed these problems.

In this second version, the user begins on his/her own profile page and the navigation bar was moved down to the bottom and enlarged. The second round of testing had the intended results.

Below are some more wireframes that tested well and were implemented into the final design. The first set shows how users would add work to their profile. The second shows how other users would leave feedback on an artist's work.